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Insurance Claims and Your Rights

Insurance Companies are required to deal with you "in good faith." If you believe an insurance company is not dealing with you in a fair and equitable manner, you can contact the Office of the Department of Transportation:

Office of the Department of Transportation
3215 Executive Park Dr.
Springfield, Illinois 62766
Tel. (217) 782-4518

Illinois State Laws give you protection and rights as the owner of a vehicle. This gives you the ability to make the choice on where you'd like to have your vehicle repaired. Insurance companies are prohibited from mandating that you use the repair facility of their choice.
Despite the fact that most insurance companies have individual contracts with repair shops in a select area, you are not required to use those repair shops for your repair needs. You have full freedom to investigate and select a body shop at your discretion.
It is not required to get multiple estimates for the damage done to your vehicle, but it may be a good idea to make sure you're getting the best, most cost-effective service available. If you have rapport with a body shop that you have used for other
repairs in the past, your insurance company is obligated to accept the estimate from that body shop. Even if this is the only estimate you decide to get, the insurance company is still required to accept it.

What to do in Case of an Accident

checkGive Athenian Body Shop a call at 1-708-424-0040 and make an appointment to bring in your vehicle for an estimate. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your vehicle the staff at Athenian would be glad to help answer them.

checkYou may simply drive in to Athenian and we will assist you in making your insurance report. We are professional insurance claims handlers. You may leave your vehicle at that time or you may schedule it in at your convenience.

checkIf the vehicle is not drivable or you are not comfortable driving the vehicle, call Athenian Body Shop for 24 hour tow service.

checkVery important, you do not need to run around for multiple estimates. Illinois law states that you only need one estimate and Athenian will negotiate that estimate on your behalf with your insurance or fleet company to ensure a fair and proper repair to your vehicle. Illinois law also states that you may have your vehicle repaired at any repair shop you choose. Do not feel pressured or steered by any insurance company representative to bring your vehicle to any repair facility in which you are not comfortable with. It is always your choice.

Let our staff take the hassle out of the dreaded insurance claims process. Our entire staff is experienced and trained in handling insurance claims. Athenian Body Shop is networked and digitally linked to most insurance companies. Using the latest computerized estimating system and digital imaging technology, our professional staff can handle the claims process in a matter of minutes. We know exactly when, who, where and how to contact insurance claims departments. After an accident, contact our friendly staff and we will handle the entire process for you. We will happily explain and guide you from the initial reporting of the claim, to the appraisal process, the repair process and final delivery of your restored vehicle.